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Review of The Ordinary Peeling Solution

In the skin care world, The Ordinary, created under the company Deciem, has been on the up and up. The line offers serums, acids, cleansers, all packed with potent ingredients, at incredibly low prices – seriously, most of their items are under ten dollars! So, like any broke college student, the deal itself lured meContinue reading “Review of The Ordinary Peeling Solution”

A Look into the Sheet Mask Phase: Burt’s Bees Edition

I adore sheet masks. They have a multitude of benefits, from soothing to hydrating, and they leave behind a wonderful serum for your skin to soak up all night long. But more than anything, I love how convenient they are. Unlike a conventional face mask, there is no mess, no fuss. You simply have toContinue reading “A Look into the Sheet Mask Phase: Burt’s Bees Edition”

A Review of Behind the Pages

Okay, so this is probably one of my favourite companies on earth. Sure, you can buy soap any where, but where else are you going to find an all natural soap that is literary based? I am a huge nerd and an even bigger fan of YA. Honestly, I spend far more time between theContinue reading “A Review of Behind the Pages”

Review of Lush’s Tea Totaler

I’ve only recently come across Lush’s Tea Totaler Cleanser. I decided to give it a try, after all, it was only 5.95! That’s practically drug stores prices. Tea Totaler comes as a small, white cleansing balm. In order to use it, you simply swipe it across your face. Your body heat naturally warms the balmContinue reading “Review of Lush’s Tea Totaler”

Review of Lush’s Herbalism Cleanser

Okay, of all the products that I’ve used, Lush Herbalism is my holy grail. Although it is, unfortunately, on the pricier side of cleansers, it has been the only one that has left my skin feeling refreshed and not dried out and aggravated. Unlike the typical cleanser, Herbalism does not foam nor is it similarContinue reading “Review of Lush’s Herbalism Cleanser”