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A Review of Behind the Pages

Credit to Behind the Pages Company

Okay, so this is probably one of my favourite companies on earth. Sure, you can buy soap any where, but where else are you going to find an all natural soap that is literary based? I am a huge nerd and an even bigger fan of YA. Honestly, I spend far more time between the pages of a novel than I do with friends- make of that what you will. I’m sure a psychologist could make a few comments about my difficulty making friends and my struggle with depression and connect all that to my desperate use of books for an escapism…

But that’s way too much reality for me. So, when I found a company that makes soap, face masks, lotions, bath milk, and other beauty products based on book characters? Of course I grabbed my wallet and ordered those babies. Even better, Gina (owner of Behind the Pages) creates products that are all natural and handmade. Moreover, her products are truly luxurious. They are made with amazing ingredients like goats milk, shea butter, and coconut oil, all of which makes this soap is long lasting and moisturising. And have I mentioned the scent? Out of this world. Truly, Behind the Pages soap makes Dove look like the poor man’s knock off. Plus, it’s always a bonus getting to benefit a small business. So, if you’re a book nerd with sensitive skin like me, what are you waiting for? Check Behind the Pages out here

Update: I just found out the owner is deciding to close her shop. I’m extremely heartbroken…Looks like I’m going to need to find a new all natural soap! Stay tuned.

My Personal Favourite Soap of Hers:

Credit to Behind the Pages

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