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Witch-ly Soaps

Photo of Cherry Blossom Amethyst by Witch-ly

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well! Or as well as we all can be in 2020…

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this post! If you’ve been keeping up, a few months ago, I posted a review about Behind the Pages. Of course, with the luck of 2020, shortly after I made this post, I found out that the shop was closing, which was heartbreaking for my bookish soul. I mean, soaps that were based off book characters and were gentle enough of my sensitive skin? It was just too good to be true. So with its demise, I was off to find a new soap brand to adore. Unfortunately, with my picky skin, I ran into a few duds – one in particular that triggered an awful allergic reaction…

However, a few weeks ago, I found out a friend, Tia Fricke, decided to start up a local business, Witch-ly, that would be focused on crafting handmade soaps and candles. Like me, she has sensitive skin and sought out to create gentle, vegan products that would be safe for all skin types. So, I decided to purchase her Ocean Breeze soap. First off, the presentation of the soap is absolutely beautiful.

Photo of Ocean Breeze by Witch-ly

For this soap, the ingredients for the water are glycerin based that have been dyed with food-safe soap colorant, which can be found here. The ‘sand’ of the soap is created using Shea Butter infused with coffee grains and gold glitter for the added texture of a summer sandy shore, and the waves are created by hand molding Shea Butter. There is also white glitter dispersed in the glycerin to give the appearance of water gleaming in the sun. As a once Floridian, the soap truly is reminiscent of a day at the beach – minus the sand in unfortunate places. And don’t worry, all the glitter used in Ocean Breeze is synthetic mica, which is completely biodegradable.

Outside of the picture-perfect appearance, Ocean Breeze lathers with ease and comes with a scent that lasts long after you step out of the shower. Unlike most scents, which can be described with the ease of a few adjectives, Ocean Breeze truly smells like the ocean air. It’s that fresh, clean, invigorating summer scent we all long for on the hottest days. So overall, I am definitely impressed with Witch-ly soaps. It worked perfectly for my finicky skin, and the scent is amazing! Honestly, it’s my favourite part of my nightly showers now.

If you’re interested in this product for yourself and want to support a small business, check out Witch-ly’s Facebook page here!

I’ll ‘see’ you all again here next week!


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