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A Look into the Sheet Mask Phase: Burt’s Bees Edition

credit to Burt’s Bee

I adore sheet masks. They have a multitude of benefits, from soothing to hydrating, and they leave behind a wonderful serum for your skin to soak up all night long. But more than anything, I love how convenient they are. Unlike a conventional face mask, there is no mess, no fuss. You simply have to slip it out of the bag, align it on your face, and then toss it in the trash; you can’t get more low maintenance than that. But, unfortunately, not all of these guys are so soothing for those of us with sensitive skin. In fact, I had a rather awful reaction from Yes To’s brand of sheet masks, an experience that left me leery of diving back into the sheet mask world. With how delicate the skin of your face is, well, that’s the last place you want to have a reaction, believe me…

But it’s been a few months since that event, long enough for me to forget my pain. It was safe to say that I was ready to be hurt again. Nevertheless, I decided to play it safe. I went with a brand that normally is a pretty safe bet for those looking for a natural alternative for sensitive skin: Burt’s Bees. The Renewing mask I chose had lovely ingredients, like rose, vitamin E, and algae extract. Promising the use of 99.4% natural origin, I figured it was worthy of a try.

So first off, Burt’s Bees mask are more than well made. Unlike the flimsy, dripping masks that I’ve used in the past, this one was made of a thick, substantial material. Burt’s Bee denotes their line of sheet masks as biocellulose gel masks. This use of material allows the mask to firmly hug the curves of one’s face, keeping a tight grip without trying to slide off your face in a reenactment of the melting witch from Oz. So, already, we’re off to a good start.

Overall, the mask, thankfully, did not anger my skin in the way Yes To sheet masks had. The serum left behind on my skin was quickly absorbed, not leaving behind a thin slim trail that some sheet masks have been known to do. It did make my skin feel smooth and refreshed, but not quite to the level a mud mask does. So yes, Burt’s Bee Biocellulose Gel Mask does work well for a quick and dirty self care for those in a rush, it does not bring miracles and can be considered a bit pricey for four dollars for a one time use. I would recommend it if you need something in a pinch or something to add to your Netflix binge, but it’s not a do or die product by any means.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below! Are there any sheet masks that you particularly love? Let me know and have a wonderful weekend and Valentine’s Day this Friday- or, if you’re single like me, enjoy all that discount chocolate the 15th! I know I will.

Love you guys, stay great!


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