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A Look into the Sheet Mask Phase: Burt’s Bees Edition

I adore sheet masks. They have a multitude of benefits, from soothing to hydrating, and they leave behind a wonderful serum for your skin to soak up all night long. But more than anything, I love how convenient they are. Unlike a conventional face mask, there is no mess, no fuss. You simply have toContinue reading “A Look into the Sheet Mask Phase: Burt’s Bees Edition”

Is Exfoliating Possible for Sensitive Skin?

Before my skin decided to become more reactive to ingredients, like SLS, I could treat it with any sort of abuse. For Jove’s sake, I used to put toothpaste on my acne (and guys, please don’t ever do this, for the love of all that is good, don’t). But with the the burden of sensitiveContinue reading “Is Exfoliating Possible for Sensitive Skin?”

Review of Truly Organic Golden Leaf Mask

Okay, so Truly Organic is a line new to me, but since I was at Ulta and I had a gift card (and hey, that’s like free money!), I decided to take the plunge. Since I’ve been enjoying CBD skin care products, I decided to go with their Golden Leaf mask, boosting a total ofContinue reading “Review of Truly Organic Golden Leaf Mask”