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Review of Lush’s Herbalism Cleanser

Okay, of all the products that I’ve used, Lush Herbalism is my holy grail. Although it is, unfortunately, on the pricier side of cleansers, it has been the only one that has left my skin feeling refreshed and not dried out and aggravated. Unlike the typical cleanser, Herbalism does not foam nor is it similar to milk cleansers. It comes in a solid form and in order to use it, you simply have to pinch off a small piece and add water. By working the mixture into your hands, it immediately creates a creamy consistency that has a nice exfoliating quality due to the almonds in the ingredients. Herbalism does, however, tend to create a mess due to its green colouring and unique texture. I constantly have to be sure to rise off the sink after washing my face, which is definitely a drawback, but one I chose to live with because I have yet to find another cleanser that works as well fighting my cystic acne while not causing my skin to breakout into a reaction. Even if a cleanser doesn’t have SLS, the simple foaming action is enough to begin to irritate my skin. Plus, Herbalism has the benefits of being ethically sourced and natural in origins. So while yes, it does come at a higher price and with a bit of a clean up, if that is the price for my skin to finally be happy, I’ll gladly pay it.


  • Unique texture that gently cleans and exfoliates
  • Long lasting (one large jar lasts me about 3 to 4 months)
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Vegan and Cruelty free
  • Works great for acne and sensitive skin


  • Pricey (large jar costs around 40 dollars)
  • Messy

Overall, I highly recommend Herbalism! It has definitely been a miracle worker on my sensitive skin and have yet been able to find any cleanser that matches up.


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