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Review of Naturally G4U CBD Calm & Relieve Mask

Another Godsend product. Naturally G4U is a cruelty free, plant based line that is packed with amazing ingredients designed for particular skin issues, like anti-aging, sensitive skin, acne, and dry skin. Relatively new to Ulta, I stumbled upon G4U’s CBD mask in my local Ulta store last Fall. Now, as someone who is a huge fan of mud masks, I’m used to having to make certain that I only leave the mask on within the time limits or I have to face the consequences of angry red skin and the possibility of revenge acne. Yet with G4U CBD, this mask is so gentle and hydrating that I have no problems leaving it on while I take a soak in the tub. Moreover, it does an amazing job of soothing my skin and eliminating redness. It has ingredients beyond just the CBD that act to calm sensitive skin, such as coconut oil, aloe, and hemp seed oil.

So whenever I’m close to my period, I’m always sure to reach for this mask and use it before Hell week arrives. It actually helps keep the cystic acne from fluctuating hormones at bay, and those that do manage to raise their ugly heads are quickly subdued and calmed by this CBD mask. At around 25 dollars, this mask ends up lasting me around two months- and that’s with constant weekly use. So if you need something to calm your skin or if you’re simply looking for a gentle mask for your self care bubble bath, this is the mask for you.


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