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Review of Lush’s Tea Totaler

I’ve only recently come across Lush’s Tea Totaler Cleanser. I decided to give it a try, after all, it was only 5.95! That’s practically drug stores prices. Tea Totaler comes as a small, white cleansing balm. In order to use it, you simply swipe it across your face. Your body heat naturally warms the balm up and the oils from it transfer to your face. I then make sure to fully rub it into my skin before rinsing with hot water and using a wash cloth to remove the excess. Since I’ve found this balm to be a bit like oil cleansing, I typically use it after I’ve washed my face with Herbalism. Tea Totaler tends to leave behind a light serum on your face, which is quite nice since it has ingredients like witch hazel and tea tree oil that do an excellent job of calming the skin and helping to keep acne bumps at bay. However, I do feel one definitely needs a second form of cleansing to fully clean one’s face. But for the price, the Tea Totaler is a perfect second cleanser, and so far, one balm has lasted me four months! And unlike in my review for Herbalism, Tea Totaler has zero mess. Even better, Tea Totaler comes without packaging, which is fantastic if you’re trying to cut back on your plastic waste. So if you can, I recommend trying it out. The price is right after all!


  • Reasonably priced
  • Great for breakouts
  • Not too harsh on sensitive skin
  • Works great for double cleansing


  • Needs to be kept away from steam or it will melt
  • Would recommend another cleanser to be paired with it

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